Innovative Evaluation Model in Teaching
and Training Organizations

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Following you will find the documentation the final conference of the TEVAl2 project.

The final product of the TEVAL 2 project - an evaluation guide for VET practitioners, which was introduced at the conference in Lisbon - can be downloaded here (18 MB).

Attention! After downloading the .zip-file, please extract it to a folder on your computer. Now you can start the application by double-clicking on the file Teval_2_2009.exe. It is secure to execute the file. If your system produces any warnings, you can ignore them and allow the execution of the .exe-file.

Please feel free to further distribute the product among your colleagues and friends. You can do this by simply copying all enclosed files to an external hard drive or flash memory.

You can download the conference programme for your documentation here  .

 European Perspectives on Trainer's Qualifications and Evaluation - Conferences
 Kirsten Muelheims - University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE)
 Susanne Lattke - German Institute for Adult Education (DIE)
 TEVAL project: experience, impacts and national developments
 Download PDF  From TEVAL to TEVAL 2 - Project life cycle - Clara Rodrigues (IPBeja, PT)
 Download PDF Innovating in evaluation procedures in VET - Doerte Schott (UNIVATION, DE)
 Download PDF Results and impacts within VET organizations - Gianluigi Bodi (FRAREG, IT)
 Download PDF Supporting VET organizations in improving their evaluation mechanisms: a tool - Marta Borkowska-Lisiak and Anna Kaszuba (EUREKA, PL)
 Pilot experiences of TEVAL 2 within different European Contexts 
TEVAL 2 in Portugal: training trainers to be critical evaluators on their professional development - Clara Rodrigues (IPBeja, PT), Antónia Silva (Beja's Vocational Training Centre, PT), António Sacramento (National Centre for Trainers' Qualifications, PT)
 Download PDF TEVAL 2 in Poland: implementing the evaluation model in a training centre. Marta Borkowska-Lisiak and Anna Kaszuba (EUREKA, PL)
 Round table of European innovative projects - lateral research and experiences