Innovative Evaluation Model in Teaching
and Training Organizations

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NetAvaliação Project


The Project substantiates an Online System of Management and Evaluation of Professional Training and Qualification of Trainers, Net evaluation and integrates other two referential of training: Evaluation techniques in Training and Training Evaluation. Net Evaluation is an informatics application meant to work in net (Internet) constructed under a set of pedagogic assumptions based in Behaviorist and Cognitive Learning theories, as well as in Neuroscience. Also taken into account is the experience in the SAFEM-D model in online environment and the automatic evaluation off-line.

It is intended to make available for all trainers (that request to the IEFP, IP, on a first level, their enrolment) the possibility of performing any type of exams, in a personalized space and under their management. They will also have access to cases, problems, games and simulations to be used in the formation based in Active Methods parameterized in pedagogic terms.

António Fernandes - CV

CEO of DLC - Distance Learning Consulting.
Professor responsible for the Medical Education and Educational IT Master Courses at the Catholic University of Portugal (UCP).
Director of the Institute of Distance Learning and Training at Catholic University of Portugal (UCP) from 2003 to 2007.
Professor at the Portuguese Bank Training Institute (IFB) from 1995 to 2002 assuming responsibilities as Pedagogical Consultant at the Institute from 1998 to 2000.
Author of a wide range of books, articles and projects concerning distance learning and education as well as eLearning and bLearning, working closely with Catholic University of Portugal and the Employment and Vocational Training Institute, IP.