Innovative Evaluation Model in Teaching
and Training Organizations

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Arts teachers in HEIs towards the need of professional evaluation comparative study


This communication focuses on the difficulty on assessment of arts university teachers professional competencies in Portugal and Chile. We have seen remarkable changes in the assessment of teachers and university courses in the Bologna process and other international contexts. However the new rules require substantial changes in the role of teachers, their training and academic performance. Teachers of art, especially, feel his status quo threatened by the new assessment models and find difficult to accept their professional identity as teachers.

Teresa Eça - CV

Teresa Eça is the president of the Portuguese Teachers' Association for Visual Education and Communication. Teacher in Secondary leve, Researcher in the Centre of Education and Psychology (University of Évora), European Representative in the world council Representant da Europa no Conselho Mundial da International Society for Education through art ( InSEA).
Editor-Assistant of Journal of Education through Art. London: Intellect Books.
Editor of Imaginar (publications APECV, ISSN 1646-6845).