Innovative Evaluation Model in Teaching
and Training Organizations

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RESYFAC Reference System for Facilitators of Learning


Almost all European training systems are going through a change process to adapt to the demands and needs of companies being under high pressure to be able to deal with a globalising world. Especially SME have to make big efforts to keep their HR updated and to keep the business competitive. This is the reason why VET providers need to move themselves from traditional training methods towards learning approaches in which the actual problem situations of companies can become the pedagogical basis of their learning.

The general aim of the project is to contribute to the recognition/transparency of qualifications of facilitators of learning in the European space and consequently to contribute to a sounder and effective mobility of these professionals in the European Space through the setting up of a Reference System at the European level which will be the basis of a future ECVET System for Facilitators of Learning.

Filipa Kirkby - CV

Filipa Kirkby is a training technician working at the Innovation and Development Department of CECOA - Vocational Training Centre for Trade. She represents CECOA in European Projects under the Lifelong Learning Program, Leonardo da Vinci Sub Program such as: TIPTOE - Testing and Implementing EQF- and ECVET-Principles in Trade Organizations and Education (2008-2010), RESYFAC - Reference System for Facilitators of Learning (2008 - 2009) and EURASMENT - Management Assistant for SME's (2006-2008).

She has a BA in Law from the University of Lisbon and a specialization on Human Resources Management from the INDEG Business School. Along her professional experience, Filipa Kirkby worked as a Vocational Training Regional Coordinator (conception, implementation, control, evaluation and follow up of training courses in the Algarve region), as a trainer (Human Resources and Law areas) and also as a Human Resources Technician (recruitment, selection, training management and performance evaluation).