Innovative Evaluation Model in Teaching
and Training Organizations

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Aims and objectives

Considering that the implementation of the model in the field involves the participation of teachers, trainers and other actors in the organisations, the validation of the model has to be associated to a training plan on the topic.The Project aims to explore the results from the original project in order to create a transference platform for the evaluation model, regarding its application in other contexts.

At the same time, TEVAL 2 offers the opportunity to validate the results in wider context, so the model can became a transnational reference for professionals' evaluation. In the end of the project, the partnership expects:

It is intended to contribute for a spread vision of what can be the quality procedures and mechanisms, in which such a framework can be based on, including quality indicators for assessment of training and teaching offers.

In this perspective, the objectives for TEVAL II - Innovative Evaluation Model in Teaching and Training, Organizations - are: 

Achieving these objectives will contribute to the "Common Quality Assurance Framework", concerning the development, improving, monitoring and evaluate their own systems and practices, on the basis to a validated and tested standards and criteria (as stated in the Call for Proposals for Priority 1).